An attempt to imitate nature’s own cycle

In order for the business to be sustainable in the future, we try to imitate nature’s own cycle – and strive for a circular economy where we minimize the amount of waste produced. That is why we always offer professional decommissioning to optimize the possibilities for reuse, recycling and energy recovery.

We have chosen to describe the process in 5 steps, where we want to avoid any material ending up in the 5th step.


We will analyse your workplace to review and assess how we can minimise waste.


Reuse takes place through partners who, for example, buy and recondition furniture to sell on (RP Möbler, Rekomo, Exin) or recycle IT equipment (Inrego). We also donate inventory and equipment to charities (e.g. the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden).


Recycling takes place through partners who handle recyclable goods such as metals (e.g. City Bag, SÖRAB, SRV, Stena Recycling).

Energy recovery

Energy recovery takes place through partners who handle the relevant goods, such as wood products (e.g. Smart Recycling, Stena Recycling.)


Using landfills at recycling centres is the step we want to avoid. There is no waste in nature’s own cycle. There should not be any in the business cycle either. 

Profitable in the short and long term

A bonus of decommissioning is that environmental work will also be profitable in the short term for you as a customer. Thanks to our systems and channels for handling leftover inventory, a move can even turn out to be free.

We of course carry out our assignments in accordance with Bohag 2010 and Kontor 2003. We are also certified according to FR2000 quality and environmental certification.

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