– Do you think about the environment?

– No. We act for the environment.

There are a lot of people who think about the environment, who draft studies and write reports. We would rather act to demonstrate the most sustainable current way forward. Environmental work is complex, and of course we wish that we already had every single analysis and revolutionary solution in place, but before that happens, we will keep doing our best in all matters both big and small. We call it taking responsibility, and here are some examples of what we mean by that:

Probably the industry's most environmentally friendly fleet

Our vehicles are the part of our business with the biggest environmental impact. That’s why we work very hard to minimize the emissions generated by our transports. In recent years, we have modernized our fleet of vehicles. Today, most of our approximately 50 vehicles run on renewable fuels such as gas and HVO diesel (which is up to 100 per cent renewable) and several of our passenger cars are powered by gas or are electric hybrids.

FMS system and Eco Driving

A measurable effect, not just fine words

Through one of the market’s most advanced fleet management systems (FMS), we get a complete environmental report on our vehicles’ emissions and consumption. The system also gives our drivers active feedback and advice in real time as well as before and after driving, for a more environmentally friendly way of driving. This may include corrections in driving behaviour, powerful manoeuvres, acceleration or braking.

All our drivers also receive continuous training in Eco Driving. In short, it means that they learn how to drive in a sustainable way, for example, avoiding excessive acceleration and steering wheel failure.

It's in the details

We go into the smallest detail in our environmental work. For example, did you know that the glue that holds together our boxes is environmentally friendly? That we recycle boxes over several moves? And that we choose our work clothes with great care so that they will last a long time? We think the details are extremely important and have a strong signal value. As industry leaders, when we show that we care about doing the right thing down to the smallest detail, it sends a signal to our employees, our competitors and the business community at large – that every detail, every person’s actions and the decisions of every manager count.

And our Sustainability Report can be downloaded here for those interested.