From solo rider to industry-leading visionary

When our founder registered the company Allt i Transport in 2003 and bought his first truck, it was primarily to support himself. But that same year, he became eager to develop the industry.

He kept on discovering things. Things that have always been done in a certain way in the industry which then just carried on. What he did was just stop and reflect on the details, change a little and see how it affected the bigger perspective.

The founder’s desire for continuous development has become a hallmark for the entire company that changed its name to G-Moving in 2018.

A corporate culture where you are can beat your own path and put large amounts of energy into achieving what you believe in has become a recipe for success. Now almost 20 years later, the company has grown into an industry-leading machine with a clear vision:

With size comes responsibility. Many put responsibility for the future on the backburner, but then haven’t understood that the future is already here and there is no planet B.

My vision is that G-Moving should be involved in driving the industry’s development. And, of course, by this I mean our services, but also innovations and a setting that takes us in the right direction for society and the environment.

The company was founded in Uppsala, Sweden, in 2003 under the name Allt in Transport. In 2018, we acquired the company G-Moving, specialists in international moves, and then chose to adopt the registered trademark G-Moving as our company name. The G-Moving name more clearly describes what we do. Becoming established on the international market also makes a name change that works on an international level a natural step forward in our development.

/Per Hansson, CEO G-Moving