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Moving an office, factory or school is more than just moving objects. You are moving jobs. G-Moving is today the leading removals service provider in Sweden, both in the public and private markets. We know how to plan and implement a move in a way that minimises impact on business. If you want to focus entirely on your business, we are happy to help you with the “subtleties” around the move too – e.g. packing furniture, connection/disconnection of computer equipment and final cleaning.

We know that environmental responsibility is as important to you as it is to us. That is why we always offer professional decommissioning to optimise the possibilities for reuse, recycling and energy recovery. Read more about decommissioning here.

Examples of services we can help with


Trying to imitate nature’s own cycle.

Planning a move

to reduce operational disruption.

Project management and consultation

What is important before, during and after the move when you move out, and when you move in?

Furniture assembly

We can help you with furniture assembly.

Connection and disconnection of computer equipment

and moving it to the new workplace.


Inspection of the accommodation you are moving from.

Packing and packaging

By trained packing specialists. Plus customised packaging for fragile goods.

Customs clearance and contact with authorities

What rules and contact routes apply to all corners of the earth?

Final cleaning

cleaning services so you can leave as aspected.

Shipping vehicles

We manage shipping of vehicles around the world.

Bulk goods

Complete transport and logistics services for transporting your exhibition material from your door to the exhibition booth and back, or on to the next destination.

Handling antiques

We kindly take care of all your antiques.

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