The future is already here

There are many who leave their responsibility for another day. But the future is already here. Therefore, we are actively working to take responsibility for our impact and what effect it has on the environment, society and individual. In order to create as good an impression as possible, we work according to the following principles: coordinate to optimize, be attentive to clients’ needs and take care of what you are looking after. Your Move. Our Drive.



– Do you think about the environment?

– No. We act for the environment.

There are a lot of people who think about the environment, who draft studies and write reports. We would rather act to demonstrate the most sustainable current way forward.


The best training takes place in real life

We don’t just move objects. We move treasured possessions, valuable property, workplaces and everyday life. That’s why we are especially proud of our trade and the great trust placed in us when carrying out an order.


“There is no business on a dead planet”

G-Moving is an active member of the Social Venture Network (SVN), a leading international network of companies, organisations and authorities that want to reconcile commercial benefits with an increased focus on social responsibility, good business ethics and environmental work.