The best training takes place in real life

We don’t just move objects. We move treasured possessions, valuable property, workplaces and everyday life. That’s why we are especially proud of our trade and the great trust placed in us when carrying out an order. Of course, the quality of the experience should permeate throughout the implementation of the order, and in our service industry we know that meeting our employees is also a major part of the overall impression made.

All our employees receive continuous training in how we operate and perform our assignments in a proper, sustainable and quality assured manner. Our clients are actively involved in this training, as the best training takes place in real life. When we train on-site with our customers, understanding and learning is created in both directions. It is through this kind of meeting that we can go further.

We would not exist without quality at every stage

You can always trust that we will handle your order with the utmost care and respect. Because we work with a service purchased relatively rarely, it would be noticeable immediately if we did not deliver the best service every day. Or to put it plainly: without quality at every stage, we simply would not exist in the way we do today. Naturally we have quality control for all major orders and perform all our orders in accordance with Bohag 2010 and Kontor 2003. We are also certified according to FR2000 quality and environmental certification. FR2000 is legally equivalent with ISO9001 and ISO14001.