Feel at home – no matter where in the world you land

When you move abroad, you are probably thinking about new business, new skills and market potential. We want you to continue focusing on that. Meanwhile, we will make sure that your employees hit the ground running in their new day-to-day lives, both private and professional, and provide you with the detailed knowledge of the new country that you will need. If you and your employees feel at home, no matter where you end up, the new location will be a good starting point for your full potential.

Relocation is about moving people’s everyday lives, and of course, we can also move your things to and from any country in the world. Read more about international moving service here.

Examples of relocation services

Cost calculations

What is the cost of living in the new country?

Laws & regulations

What laws and regulations affect my family and I in the new country?

Language & culture

What cultural and linguistic codes do we need to understand?

Local knowledge

What is there in the area?

Finding and arranging housing/furniture

Where and in what type of housing will our employees live?

Finding and organising schools/childcare

What school/childcare is best for our employees’ families?

Moving back

What do we do with ongoing contracts etc. when it’s time to move back to Sweden? Or if our employees are moving to a new country without going through Sweden, e.g. moving between Argentina and the US?

Customs clearance and contact with authorities

What rules and contact routes apply to all corners of the earth?

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