With care and efficiency

Whether you need to move a school, office, factory or workers, we have the many years of experience required. For your peace of mind we plan and implement your move within given time-frames and in a cost-effective manner. You always have a personal contact with us who gives you advice and oversight over the costs throughout the move.

Furthermore, at G-Moving we know our colleagues and our network very well. This gives us a sense of connection and professional pride. So you can always trust that we will handle your things with the utmost care and respect.


Office and business removals

– Swedish industry leader

Moving an office, factory or school is more than just moving objects. You are moving jobs. G-Moving is today the leading removals service provider in Sweden, both in the public and private markets. We know how to plan and implement a move in a way that minimises impact on business.

Evacuation, moving services

– Emergency moves and re-plumbing

When you as a property owner need to evacuate your home, for example in the event of re-plumbing or other major renovations, we will help you with everything from planning and packing to the house move, storage, relocation and decommissioning.

Safe heavy handling

– With trained personnel

We have specially trained personnel who will carry out safe lifting when you need to move goods weighing over 250 kg.