“There is no business on a dead planet”

G-Moving is an active member of the Social Venture Network (SVN), a leading international network of companies, organisations and authorities that want to reconcile commercial benefits with an increased focus on social responsibility, good business ethics and environmental work. In order for the business to be sustainable in the future, we try to imitate nature’s own cycle and strive for a circular economy where we minimise the amount of waste produced. If we use too many resources, the planet will die – and as SVN always says: ”There is no business on a dead planet.”

Through SVN, we have established a cooperation with Inrego which now helps us reuse our customers’ IT equipment. Reuse is the second stage in the process where we help customers with decommissioning. Read more about decommissioning and what we do to optimise the possibilities for reuse, recycling and energy recovery here.

We are involved and influence where decisions are taken

We are members of organisations and networks such as Social Venture Network, Hello Sweden and the UN Global Contact. We also actively participate in various trade fairs and industry days. Through these networks and activities, we have established good relations with executives in order to be involved and influence the industry. For example, in order to reduce the incentive to buy under-the-counter moving services, we have been pushing hard for the introduction of the RUT rebate via Almega.

From unemployment to a good job

There are many people without a solid CV and network of contacts, but who have a great desire for self-development. We believe everyone deserves a chance to show their potential. Together with the Swedish Employment Service, we run a project where we help people who are out of the labour market get back to work. They come to us for work experience and training, and eventually employment. We also offer training placements for students with varying roles.