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G-Moving is Sweden’s leading freight service company. Our clients are moving. When you as a company, organisation, authority or private individual need to move from one place to another, we want to help.

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Merry Christmas from G-moving

Merging with G-MovingIt has now been six months since Allt i Transport AB merged with G-Moving and officially became Global Mobility Moving, G-Moving. The combined operations working out of offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg has already proven to be a...

Allt i Transport & Spedition AB changes name to G-Moving

In connection with Allt i Transport’s acquisition of G-Moving from G-Solutions in June 2018, we have cooperated to ensure that the merger of these companies goes as smoothly as possible. A key component of the work is clarifying the trademark to protect all internal...

I have nothing to complain about when it comes to my move. I´m very pleased with how my move was organized and will use G-Moving again.

Rikard, moved from Gothenburg to Tianjin, China

The entire move went incredibly well. Everything was very well organized and well managed – from customer service, information, communication and planning.

Gudrun, moved from Alaska, USA to Sweden

Very competent and attentive customer service. I really appreciated the smooth dialogue with the Stockholm Office.

Hans, moved from Ethiopia to Sweden

Customer References

Here you can see some short comments from our satisfied customers. Please contact us if you want more information.


would recommend G-Moving


are satisfied with the execution of the moving missions during 2017


are satisfied with our personal competence 2017


are satisfied with our personal treatment during 2017

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